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Te Reo Maori version of Kuwi's Rowdy Crowd


Kuwi the Kiwi attempts to find a moment of peace and quiet in the chaos of parenthood, but everywhere she turns the volume just gets louder. Tap-dancing tomtits, Karate-kicking kokako and other noisy native friends join in the rowdy fun, until Kuwi can't take any more...

The quirky and quintessentially Kiwi illustrations will have both adults and children laughing out loud, with a humorous storyline familiar to parents everywhere. Young readers will be delighted by the fun noises they can make to match each illustration, and as they guess which creature will pop up next. The story also holds a heartwarming and subtle message about being happy with what you have.

DIMENSIONS: 240 x 240mm
BIND: Matte Laminated Soft cover. Stitch Perfect bound. 

BOOK - Nga Hoa Hoihoi o Kuwi (Kuwi's Rowdy Crowd) - Te Reo Maori

GST Included
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