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Dimensions: 3.8cm wide x 13cm tall x 2mm thick.

Made from Plywood. 


Wooden Bookmarks featuring:

Koru: Symbolizing new life, growth, strength, and peace, the koru is an iconic spiral shape inspired by the unfurling frond of the New Zealand silver fern.

Mangopare: Representing strength, courage, and determination, the mangopare is a stylized depiction of the hammerhead shark, often used in Māori art.

Kia Kaha: A powerful Māori phrase meaning "stay strong" or "be strong," often used to offer support and encouragement.

Aroha: Meaning "love" in Māori, aroha embodies compassion, empathy, and affection, reflecting deep emotional connections.

BOOKMARK - Wooden, Assorted Designs

GST Included
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