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Whakataukī are commonly referred to as proverbs/ sayings - but they often open the door to appreciating many parts of te ao Māori. 

They can be applied in many settings, in speeches, affirmations, sharing stories, learning places etc. They most often have very deep meaning beyond a simple message or saying, especially in relation to significant events, places or people. 

On a day to day basis, they can be used as affirmations or assisting in ones ongoing reo journey. 

Whakataukī are proverbs/ sayings etc where the original speaker/ author/ composer is not known, whereas Whakatauākī can be attributed to the original source. 

We have re-designed and expanded our sets of Whakataukī /Whakatauākī cards so they may be purchased fully (set of 24 cards in total), or in smaller sets of 6 with a common theme. 


A6 sized, 350GSM satin matt card. 

Card set does not come boxed (wrapped in film) 


CARD SET - Whakatauki, Papa

GST Included
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