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New Arrivals! By Nichola / Contemporary Maori designs from Aotearora.

Nichola Te Kiri, of dual Māori and Pākeha heritage, was raised in Kirikiriroa (Hamilton), Aotearoa (New Zealand). Her upbringing within two worlds has helped develop her aesthetic for bold and courageous lines, prints and designs.


The Collection Ngā Uara (Values) are based on the values that we at Nichola work (and live) by.

Rawe is the manifestation of excellence. To symbolise this we have used the poutama design which signifies the growth of humans, striving ever upwards to reach the ‘peak’ of one's goals & objectives. To focus on attainment, achievement and being the best one can be.

Comes beautifully presented in a box. 


Application: Ear Studs
Dimensions: 74 mm x 42 mm
Material: Brushed brass - Gold and/or silver plated.


Box Dimensions: 

EAR - Earrings - Ngā Uara - Rawe, Gold

GST Included
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