EAR - koloa Jewellery

EAR - koloa Jewellery

GST Included

Earring colour may vary slightly due to lighting. 


Koloa is the Tonga word for treasure. It encompasses ngatu (mulberry cloth), known as tapa elsewhere in the Pacific and fala (fine, woven mats) which play an important role in Tongan society and are exhanged at significant events.


Handmade by women and decorated with patterns and symbols, the design always tells a story. An extremely time intensive process, each piece represents the work of many women over many months.


Koloa Jewellery is a new interepretation of these Tongan art forms, showcasing the intricacies of the skill and artistry of these women in a more intimate format, that of personal adornment. We believe we are helping to preserve these incredible pieces of art so that another generation can enjoy, value and share them.


A portion of each sale goes back to the Kingdom of Tonga to support female social enterprise.