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Introducing Zoe's Kawakawa Aromatic Hand Balm Ylang Ylang, 35ml


This fantastic mix of ylang ylang, geranium, orange, cinnamon, vanilla, and lavender pure essential oils revives dry skin, combats inflammation, and provides natural healing and hydration. Plus, with its energizing blend of essential oils, this product can also be used as a solid perfume.


Whats Inside: 

Kawakawa and mānuka infused olive and sunflower oil
Bees wax
Shea butter
Ylang ylang pure essential oil
Orange pure essential oil
Cinnamon essential oil
Vanilla oil
Rose-geranium essential oil
Lavender pure essential oil


How To Use:  

Massage Ylang Ylang Balm into your hands to restore hydration and moisture. Reapply as necessary. This balm is a versatile moisturizing solution and can also serve as a solid perfume - take a moment to enjoy its refreshing scent.


*No parabens, no synthetic beeswax, dyes, or perfumes and no animal derivatives.

Kawakawa Aromatic Hand Balm, 35ml

GST Included
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