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Add a touch of contemporary to your home with our beautifully hand-painted nesting dolls.

This set beautifully merges New Zealand's rich heritage with the iconic Russian matryoshka design.


  • Tane Doll (largest): 6.8cm diameter, 13cm tall
  • Wahine Doll (2nd largest): 5.1cm diameter, 10.2cm tall
  • Hine Doll (2nd smallest): 4cm diameter, 7.5cm tall
  • Tama Doll (smallest): 2.7cm diameter, 5.6cm tall

Each piece showcases a segment of a family, symbolizing the continuity and legacy of generations. While inspired by maori and designed in New Zealand, these dolls are crafted overseas.

 Ideal for display, this set measures 15cm tall by 7.5cm wide and 7cm deep in its packaging.

NESTING DOLLS - Maori Whanau / Family

GST Included
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