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1 x Mug and 1 x matching coaster in Hokey Pokey design. 


Introducing our youngest emerging artist Ngahuia Maeva.   

A proud Kuki Airani, Samoan and Maori girl from Ngati Parekaawa in Turangi.  


17 year old Ngahuia is currently residing in Hakatere.  In her last year of college she hopes to follow on her studies at universtiy, double majoring in music and maori/bachelor of arts. 


Ngahuia has a form of autism known as aspergers.  Her love and creativity for the arts helps overcome and alleviate daily stresses. 


Celebrate Aotearoa is proud to host Ngahuias first range inspired by quirky kiwiana themes.  Art design also available in A4/A3 prints.  

SET - Mug & Matching Coaster

GST Included
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