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Mānawatia a Matariki

Celebrate Matariki this year with our new Matariki Mini Tukutuku Toi Kit.

Tukutuku is a traditional Māori artform used for storytelling. Take time out this Matariki to reflect, rest and plan for the year ahead. Learn more about Māori culture and traditions by weaving your story into a mini contemporary tukutuku panel. 

Matariki Mini Tukutuku Toi Kit features: 


1 x Mini Custom Pegboard (8x8 Pegs) 

Mini (Coaster size)-110mm x 110mm x 4mm

9 x Coloured Aho Thread as seen in Te Tohu o Matariki: 0.8m each 

1 x Custom Made Pin Tool

3 pattern options


Presented in a sealed box. 

WHATU CREATIVE - Tukutuku Kit, Matariki

GST Included
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