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These Dual-layer Eco-Felt Shoulder Bags blend fashion and durability, made from a solid 6mm-thick felt composed of two layers, and topped with fine stitching.

The eco-felt used showcases a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, as it's spun from recycled plastic bottles that go through a process of shredding, melting, and transformation into fibres.

Each shoulder bag is delivered in a flat format with a product tag attached. Inside, there's a convenient magnetic dome closure and two independent pockets. The tag provides valuable information about the designer, Jo Luping, the intricate design of the bag, and the eco-friendly process of crafting eco-felt.

Dimensions -  width 430mm (16.9 inches) and depth of 390mm (15.3 inches).

Once opened, the bag stands on its flat base that measures 260mm x 180mm (10.2 x 7 inches), enabling the bag to stand freely and complete with easy-to-carry shoulder handles.


Each bag is a blend of mindful design by Jo Luping from New Zealand


Manufactured off shore. 

Felt Tote Bag, Jo Luping Harakeke

GST Included
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