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The Manaia is a traditional Māori symbol representing a spiritual guardian and a provider of protection. It is often depicted with the head of a bird, the body of a human, and the tail of a fish, symbolizing the balance between the sky, earth, and sea. The Manaia is believed to ward off evil and watch over the physical and spiritual worlds.  Its presence in carvings and tattoos is highly revered, reflecting its sacred role in Māori culture.


River is a visual artist and graphic designer specializing in digital design and painting, drawing inspiration from her Ngāti Tahu - Ngāti Whaoa heritage. Her work is recognized for its vibrant colors and ability to convey the history of Māori culture, especially through the examination of kōwhaiwhai patterns' appropriation within Christianity. A BA graduate from UC, River's research-based approach informs her politically charged art, designed to spark debate.

Her unique style has led to exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

MINI BLOCK - Manaia, River Jayden

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