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Irina Velman, a Russian-born artist now based in West Auckland, New Zealand, has made a significant mark in the art world. Her paintings, celebrated for their unique style and vibrant colors, are part of private collections worldwide.

Her art draws inspiration from the dramatic beauty of New Zealand's west coast, often featuring a palette dominated by red, orange, and yellow - colors that evoke the energy of sunshine and fire.

Velman's work is a reflection of her perspective on the world as a place of beauty and mystery. She believes in the healing and transformative power of art, a theme evident in her captivating creations.

Now available in leather accessories and homeware

CottonSize 45cm x 70cm Reproduced in a vibrant tea towel design, almost too good to use!

Because of the vibrant colours we often have this range purchased not for use in the kitchen but reframed as hanging artwork.

*design also available in a cushion cover & apron.

TEA TOWEL - Irina Velman

GST Included
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