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Adorn your space with our set of 5 ACM monarch butterflies by Crystal Ashley—encapsulating Kiwi elegance, these timeless pieces add a whimsical charm to any room,


Use blue tack or depending on wall area,  double sided foam tape to attach to wall. 


 Comes flat packed, perfect for sending overseas.  Pack dimensions:  42cm x 30cm x 6cm 



Butterfly 1 : 83mm x 100mm x 4mm

Butterfly 2 : 142mm x 100mm x 4mm

Butterfly 3 : 113mm x 117mm x 4mm

Butterfly 4 : 185mm x 80mm x 4mm

Butterfly 5 : 92mm x 100mm x 4mm


ACM, which stands for Aluminium Composite Material, is known for its lightweight nature and weather-resistant qualities, making it a preferable choice for both indoor and outdoor applications.

ACM products are easier to handle and install, while their ability to withstand corrosion, UV rays, and harsh weather conditions makes them a lasting choice.


Wall Art - ACM Monarch Butterflies x 5

GST Included
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