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There are many different ways to play games with ti rakau.

Tititorea is a fun game that, when accompanied by chants and waiata, makes for a great way to practice te reo Mãori (Mãori language).

Lots of people can play tititorea, just add pairs to form a circle or long line.

Kneel opposite a partner. Each person holds a räkau (stick) in each hand.

Try to keep in time with the chant or waiata as you practice these moves.

Some moves you can try out.

Tap the end of the rakau against the ground in front of you.

Tap the rakau against each other.

Throw the rakau so that it rotates in the air and you can catch it again.

Throw the rakau to your partner on the diagonal.

Keep practicing and have fun!

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WOOD GAME - Ti Rakau Set, NZ

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