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Get your child ready for school with the engaging and supportive children's book, 'Ready for School'. Developed by experts in child development and psychology, this picture book is crafted to boost children’s confidence as they embark on their schooling adventure.

The creators, Hannah Davison, Flicka Williams, and Marco Palmieri, have infused the book with practical ideas and strategies, making it a relatable and educational read.

It's designed to help children understand and navigate their own real-life situations while learning valuable life skills.

Perfect for parents, caregivers, and educators, this book is a helpful companion in guiding children through one of their first major life milestones



Dimensions - 247h mm x 195w mm

28 Pages

AUTHORS & ILLUSTRATORS: Hannah Davison, Flicka Williams and Marco Palmieri

BOOK - Ready For School

GST Included
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