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Colourful set of A7 sized cards about the Maramataka

*Comes in cellophane bag


There are 63 cards in total 

6 x Ahua Cards - It is/ not a good day for....

9 x Me Cards - Suggestion Cards, ie "Me pukumahi - Be Productive"

8 x Atua Cards - Some Atua/Gods associated with some lunar phases - ie Ranginui

8 x Mata Cards - 8 lunar phases (5 most common, plus 3 give back lunar phases) 

32 x Mahia Cards - 32 different activity cards, ie "Whakarongo puoro - listen to music

The card set is suitable to learn and play with at home, or in a class setting

CARDS - Hina's Children (Bilingual)

GST Included
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