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Luca Walton, an artist with roots firmly planted in the fertile cultural soils of Tāmaki Makaurau, often described as the “Polynesian capital of the world,” possesses a heritage as rich and diverse as his artwork. Born amidst the tropical serenity of Lautoka, Fiji, to a Tongan mother and a New Zealander father, Luca's canvas is a testament to the intermingling of his cultural background and the enchanting environment of his Tongan upbringing.

His artistry is deeply influenced by his early experiences, where the resilient and graceful Pasifika women played a pivotal role. The tender teachings of his traditional Tongan mother, coupled with the diverse perspectives from his three older sisters—each representing different island nations—imbue his work with a profound appreciation for familial bonds and the splendors of the Pacific realms.

Through his paintings, Luca seeks to compose a heartfelt homage to these influential Pasifika women, whose fortitude and elegance are eternally woven into his artistic expression.


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