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The essence of Pounamu (New Zealand Greenstone)  hearts is interwoven with notions of togetherness, authentic emotional expressions, and our deepest bonds of affection. They stand as enduring icons of love that knows no bounds. With each Pounamu heart, you'll discover three intricately carved Koru nestled within.

The Koru symbolizes the emergence of fresh starts and the flourishing of growth. It's a powerful emblem that conveys the profound beauty of life's continuous renewal and expansion. By encapsulating this within the heart of Pounamu, it magnifies the symbolism, signifying a love that evolves, grows, and embarks on new beginnings, just as the Koru does.


Comes with kete and info with certification. 


Measurements give or take 5/6cm × 5cm

Thickness 5/6mm

*Colouring will vary between each stone.  Please get in touch if we have more then one in stock if you would like us to send you real time photos. 

PENDANT - Greenstone Koru Heart

GST Included
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