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*Please note pic shown is indicative only, for realtime view of the pieces we have in stock (as they all vary slightly with size/ colourings) please contact shop first .

Discover the magnificence of this Toki piece, beautifully adorned with a pair of Koru. The Toki, historically a practical tool, now serves as a cultural emblem of strength, bravery, and leadership, encapsulating a spirit of resilience and fortitude.


The double Koru, signifying growth, harmony, and the inception of new journeys, adds a dimension of depth to the piece. Incorporated within the Toki design, they create a potent symbol of balance— the harmony between personal power and life's continuous growth.


This elegantly crafted Toki and Koru piece symbolizes personal strength and inspires the wearer to accept life's ongoing evolution with grace and harmony.


Comes presented in woven kete bag with meaning.


Measurements 7cm drop/give or take

3cm across bottom

2cm across top of Toki

NZ Greenstone - Toki With Double Koru

GST Included
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