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Celebrate the beauty of everyday life with a Rātaka bilingual (Te Reo Māori & English) daily planner.

Rātaka is commonly translated to mean 'calendar'.  It is a reference to  Rā - our sun deity, Tamanuiterā and taka, meaning to rotate or circuit.  Rātaka is based on the solar calendar, and everyday movement of the sun, so is the most common name for daily planners & diaries.  

Bi-lingual Māori  & English 

Karakia, Korero, Ko wai au & Waiata to use (Please refer to our You Tube Channel to hear our karakia spoken and waiata sung)

Important Maori Dates, Public holidays & significant dates

Maramataka Layout to customise

Matariki Layout

Monthly View, Page per day & weekend (3 months)

Daily Energy & Gratitude

Weekly Reflection & Goal Setting

Premium Feature: Back Envelope 

  • Standard: Hard Cover
  • B5 Size - 17.6cm x 25cm
  • 352 pages
  • 80gsm paper
  • 3 Ribbons

PLANNER - Rataka, 3 month (Tan)

GST Included
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