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A best selling favourite from iconic Kiwi brand Moana Rd. 

The Uni Satchel is as cool as everyone hopes to be on their first day on campus. 

This lightweight, robust and ultra-cool bag is the one for you. 

So simple, yet stylish. Its shape definitive. Fashion meet functionable as you easily carry your jotter, stationary and other varsity essentials carefree. 

The cross body satchel has an adjustable and comfortable shoulder strap. 

The top folds over and secures with magentic clasps. The inside opens to a plush polyester lined inner (blue and gold on the navy version - yum!)

There is a zipped compartment for your smaller more personal items. 

Durable and extremely well made with faux leather. The Moana Rd uni satchel is aesthetically pleasing, easy on the eye and will be around for you long after you begrudgingly depart undergraduate life. 

Moana Rd say this bag is perfect for Uni as it holds the minimal Uni tools of a refill and an iPad. But remember the kiwi adage that "C's get degrees", so don't work too hard!

PU Leather - 30cmx 25cm


GST Included
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